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I am an Italian landscape photographer born in 1980 based in Sorrento.

My passion for photography started very early when I bought my first professional camera and this brought my attention to the beauty of nature.

I have always been very fascinated in nature and the beautiful landscapes.

Since living in Sorrento, I have always been surrounded by incredibly beautiful Landscapes,  which started my passion for Landscape Photography. 

For me landscape photography is a way to escape from the chaotic life and enjoy the nature out from the daily routine.

I have been traveling around the world for over two decades where I fell in love with photography , exploring unique destinations, cultures and adventures.

During the years I have developed different techniques in order to achieve the best results.

I am a big fun of Long exposure images ,HDR ( High dynamic Range ) and Focus Stacking images.

In Simone Mastellone | Photography galleries you can find different kinds of photography: Seascapes, Landscapes, Cityscapes, Black and Whites and NightScapes Photography.

If you are interested to learn same of the professional technics during your special vacation, Simone Mastellone | Photography offer private Landscape workshops in Sorrento Peninsula.

Where you will have the possibility to photograph different Scenarios that maybe you have only seen in news papers, TV or dreamed about.

Scenarios like the sun fall behind Capri with Punta Campanella light house( ), the beautiful Positano ( ), Amalfi ( ), Amalfi Coast ( ), ( ), Atrani, Sorrento, the amazing panorama from Monte Faito of all Sorrento Peninsula ( ), and why not the amazing milky way during the summer season at Punta Campanella ( ).

You just need to ask and we will try to accommodate all your needs whenever will be feasible.

If you are looking for something special this is what you are looking for, Simone Mastellone | Photography offer the best experience you can find in Sorrento.

The images in this web site Simone Mastellone | Photography can print for you. 

You need a print for a living room or a gift do not hesitate just send me a message through the Contact section.

All the prints are made using Hahnemühle Fine Art papers in order to ensure the best possible results.

Do not miss anythings, I will constantly update the different sections and the Galleries with new images of different locations of all my visited places for you.

I hope you enjoy the way i see the world behind the lens and keep coming back for more.

Blog Simone Mastellone | Photography.

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I am Simone  and I am so glad you are here. This Blog is mainly a photography blog . 

It’s nice to meet you.👋

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